Unusual suggestions for Fathers’ Day gifts – presents and experiences in Oxford or Oxfordshire

Oh goodness, the one gift-giving occasion where you can’t just throw flowers at the problem and hope it goes away (well, not unless your father and husband/partner are very different from mine, anyway) – what to do? I’ve been caught in this quandary myself and, in the desperate hunt to find something unusual or unique to give my dad and the father of my child (as the child in question has no finances or shopping skills, being only two), have hunted out a few great local businesses selling fabulous products – or experiences – that should appeal to most men.  So if you’re looking for the perfect present to give for father’s day, look no further, we have a few suggestions…
Jewellery – Saxons of Oxford

More usually thought of as the preserve of females, occasionally you might want to buy something really swanky for a chap and Saxons of Oxford have some great, modern styles of jewellery to give to the men in your life. If you really want to spoil them, though, Saxons specialise in offering bespoke designs to bring your ideas to life. Want to commemorate a birth for a first time dad? Perhaps you’re looking for something special for a tenth-time grandad – Saxons could help you make your design a reality.

AlcoholGibson’s Organic LiqueursImage
We are lucky enough to have many wonderful breweries in Oxfordshire, but if the dad in question isn’t much of beer drinker, why not offer him one of these fabulous organic liqueurs? Perfect for relaxing with on these lovely warm evenings we’re having, you could toast him with a great local tipple – and you get to share it, too!

Flying – Horizon Aviation

Oh yes, this is our favourite option. From just £85 you can buy him the chance to fly an aeroplane himself, How awesome is that? This local business is based at Oxford Airport, so you don’t have far to travel, and I can personally recommend the pilots as I’ve entrusted the man in my life to their hands! Can’t say fairer than that.  It would make a great bonding experience for a father and son – of any age.

Day OutCliveden National Trust

This National Trust property is hosting a special Fathers’ Day event. Father’s get in free and from 12pm onwards there’ll be free beer tasting from local Rebellion Brewery (whilst stocks last). A lovely chance to show your dad you love him by spending quality time together.

Hope some of these inspire you to find something great to give next Sunday, but please let us know here, by email or on Twitter if you find something even better!
Camilla, Editor



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