5 reasons Daddy is better than Mummy – the world according to a Toddler

So in case you haven’t noticed the theme of our blog posts recently, Father’s Day is this Sunday.  We’ve had a touching personal post about becoming a father, we’ve offered some original gift ideas to be bought locally and today our editor thought she’d offer a little light observational humour, based on her toddler’s view of the world. We’d love to hear about your kids too – why might they prefer Daddy to Mummy?

1 – Daddy turns a laundry basket into a racing car or a boat and pushes you round the sitting room. Mummy keeps wanting to put laundry in it.

2 – Daddy has much better taste in TV and will watch Thomas over and over again as many times as you like, whilst Mummy keeps trying to turn the telly off.


Father and son

3 – Daddy doesn’t know the rule about no ice cream before lunch. This one is crucial. In fact Daddy seems to have fewer rules altogether.  Especially the one about farts. Daddy finds farts even funnier than you do!

4 – Daddy is much taller, so you get a better view from his shoulders – and he’s more likely to put you up there in the first place instead of telling you to walk.


5 – Daddy doesn’t fall asleep in the middle of bedtime stories. And he doesn’t try to fob you off with the short ones either. Daddy is quite obviously the best man for the job.


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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