Poor Mr Ford – an ode to Harrison on the occasion of his broken ankle

We were very sorry, here at Mumsnet Oxford & Oxfordshire, to hear about the recent accident at Pinewood that resulted in the lovely Harrison Ford sustaining a broken ankle and having to be removed to the healing environs of the JR here in Oxford.

To show sympathy our editor, Camilla, has penned him a short rhyme in the hopes he will choose to bless this blog with an interview. Or a signed photo at the very least.

So saying, here is our masterpiece

Oh dear oh dear, poor Harrison Ford.
We heard you got hit by a falling door.
Those chaps have been careless over at Pinewood.
It won’t do your ankle, or Star Wars, much good.

No longer can Chewie & Solo chase bounty,
Confined to a bed in fair Oxfordshire County.
We hope there’s strong locks on the Osteo ward
To withstand all the fans of poor Mr Ford.


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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