Top Tips Tuesday: Clean up your website

clean home image for blog If you run any kind of business these days then you will undoubtedly have an online presence in the form of a blog or website.  Many of us are guilty of spending a long time setting up a brilliant online home, then neglecting it – that can cause as many (digital) problems as it would if you failed to do some regular housekeeping in your bricks and mortar home.  So read on for some tips from Catherine Carr of Indigo Bird Web Design on how to give your clean up your website and give it a quick once-over to make it all shiny for the summer.

– Improve home page usability

Think about what function you want the home page to perform.

  • Should it introduce the company?
  • Should it make a direct sale?
  • Should it get customers to sign up for something?

Make sure it clean, clear and simple to navigate. One thing I like to do is ask someone I trust to look at the site. A few hours – or even days – later, ask them about it. What do they remember? What message did they take away with them? Is it what you hoped for? If not, then you need to change something!

– Freshen up your content

Get rid of any outdated information and make sure everything else is relevant. New facts or other information can provide a nice boost to traffic from areas like social media, blogs or other content sharing locations that may not have seen the information before. If you have a blog or news section, then great! Go and post something in it right now! If not, why not? You must have new things going on in your business all the time. Adding a blog or news section is a great way of invigorating your content on a regular basis. Are your calls to action easy to find and current? (For example, no point in having a “sign up for our winter deals form” on the home page right now!)

– Update your visuals

Changing the photo on your home page can generate a whole new lease of life. What about a new coloured background? Simple to do, but can really change the appearance of the whole site. Make sure that your photos and images are tagged appropriately to make them search engine friendly.

– Be mobile

More than ever it is so important to ensure that your website is accessible from mobile devices. Check it on a number of different mobiles (ask friends and family!) and make sure that you can read everything. No point in having a beautifully detailed logo which doesn’t display well on a mobile phone, or a sign up form which customers can’t read to complete.

– Health Check

You check your smoke detector batteries regularly, and you get your boiler serviced every year. You should also make sure that your website software is secure and up to date! Disable and delete plugins that is no longer used, and remove old user logins. Check for broken links, ensure your social media and rss feeds are working correctly, and make sure any automatic emails are working and have correct up to date content.

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Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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