Why Doesn’t She Want Sex After Having A Baby?

We were hoping this article would reblog, but apparently we can only get a link to it, so here’s our reason for posting it, do click through and read.

Oxfordshire has a lot of people moving out here from London to start families. Property is (comparitively) cheaper, there is more open space and the sense of community is unparalleled in many towns and villages.  As a sideline I volunteer with a group that helps new mothers and we see a lot of them. It is amazing how many of them have concerns about not complying with their husband’s/partner’s desire for sex. Well this article directs that question to the right place: the husband/partner himself.

I think any woman who has had a baby would agree with a lot of this – and although it might improve your chances of having sex, it will definitely improve the quality of your relationship. When you’re not doing the baby thing all day it can be hard to realise how all-consuming it is.

From exhaustion to depression, fear to resentment there can be many issues at play in the post-natal period. Follow these tips to really show that you get it and help relieve her burden.

Milla, now getting off my soapbox

Why Doesn’t She Want Sex After Having A Baby?.


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