Things (not) to put on your sister’s face

Hurrah – The Mater has flown in on a half-term mission of mercy bringing food and changing nappies, Gods bless her.  However this does mean I ought to be off, being sociable, or at the very least clearing out the airing cupboard or some other such useful, yet tedious task that I can only do when she’s here to entertain the troops.  This being said I didn’t want to leave the blog untouched just as I am getting into the swing of things again, so I decided a quick list was in order.  The following is a list of items that The Boy has placed (or attempted to place, before being noticed and stopped) in, on or over his sister’s face since she arrived in the family just two months ago:

– a blanket
– a pillow (ffs!)
– his pyjamas
– a stuffed tiger, a stuffed dog, a stuffed cat… (notice a theme here?)20150528_101034
– a rattley rabbit
– a spoon
– his finger
– his face
– his derriere
– a shark slipper with flashy eyes
– a sparkly ‘Frozen’ hairbrush
– a plastic viking helmet
– a laundry dosing ball

And the kicker is, none of this was meant maliciously. He’s just trying to engage with her (apparently she wants to be Hiccup from How to train your dragon, for example, or making her into Elsa from Frozen), so all I can do is sternly repeat the refrain “do not put anything on your sister’s face”.


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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