Why my son will make an incredible adult, if he lives that long

I have spoken at some length about The Boy – my boy – on this blog.  Whilst he’s often infuriating, deprives me of more sleep than my newborn and creates more mess (and more creatively) than I ever thought possible for someone of his diminutive stature, I try to remember that it is precisely the many qualities that drive me to utter distraction that will ensure he is a very successful and happy adult.

It’s tough being the mother of a child like this.  They test you to your limits in so many ways and sometimes the only way – the only way – to make sure everyone reaches the end of the day still alive, is to remember that it is precisely these qualities that we, as parents, need to nurture and encourage.

– powerfully, innately, intensely curious. Characterised by the oft repeated query “Why…?”

– stubborn, bull-headed, resistant. Characterised by the refusal to do other than he wants to do

– bright and inventive. Characterised by new and creative ways to cause mayhem, like moving furniture to reach items you thought were safe

– single minded and determined. Characterised by his undaunted pursual of whatever form of mischief he is intent upon, even if he is being warned against it for his own safety (like spinning in a small room with hard furniture around).

– honest. Characterised by his disarming tendency to confess to any crime he has committed and to answer questions with complete honesty and no shred of tact or diplomacy – “Do you love having a new baby sister?” “No.”

– charming. Characterised by his cheeky smile, long fluttering eyelashes and ability to wrap adults around his little finger to reduce the proposed penalty for any misdemeanour.

– energetic. Characterised by his relentless impersonation of the Duracell Bunny on speed and his ability to start at the day at 5am and not flag even when bedtime is being enforced.

– joyful. Characterised by the manic look of glee in his eyes as he embarks on yet another devilish little scheme, or twirls wildly in the sitting room.

He is going to make an indomitable man, but by god is he a challenging child to parent.

Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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