Get fit – the babywearing way

Step 1 – get knocked up

Step 2 – grow that baby, and yourself, over nine months. Watch with pride as your belly swells to immense proportions (and horror as your backside and elsewhere does likewise). Try and stay active – just think how strong your legs will get doing your normal exercise but carrying all that extra weight!

Step 3 – get that baby out. How you do it is irrelevant to this exercise regime, but hopefully you’re able to walk not too long afterwards!

2015-06-07 11.32.39Step 4 – strap that baby to you and get on with your business! Hoovering, hanging out washing, doing the shop, walking into town, hiking across mountains, doing the school run – whatever you’d normally do, do it with a baby on your front.

Step 5 – grow that baby some more. Milk, milk and more milk. Then food. Keep carrying them. As they grow fatter you’ll grow stronger and watch that babyweight melt away…or maybe not. In some cruel cases breastfeeding actually makes you hang onto the extra mass, though maybe that’s all the cake… But anyway. You’ll definitely still be fitter.

Today I spent two hours on our allotment digging up weeds with my c.14lb baby wrapped onto my back. Buns of steel here I come! (I think the wellies and shorts was a particularly good look…)


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