A bad, bad thing

So this weekend we’ve been suffering.  On Friday one of the worst household tragedies that can happen to a family, happened to us. On Friday our washing machine ceased to function.  This is bad. This is very bad. I have a husband who runs and cycles. We work on our allotment. The Boy has experienced a slight backtracking of his potty-trainedness and The Girl is not just the world’s biggest vomiter, but she’s in cloth nappies.

1434396337220The washing machine died with four loads of muddy, sweaty, painty, pee-smelling clothes and a bucket full of shitty nappies all in need of washing.

I rang Bosch, but apparently two and half years is outside the realms of the ‘sales and goods act’ term of ‘reasonable time’. I rang John Lewis who, bless them, lived up to their rep of excellent customer service (Thanks Nick – you were a sweetie) and offered to make a contribution towards repair or replacement even though it was outside the two-year period of their built-in warrantee.

Currently I’m awaiting a call-back from a local domestic appliances repair firm in the hopes they’ll be somewhat less expensive than the sky-high prices charged by Bosch’s own engineers.

In the meantime I am relying on the kindness of friends and neighbours and, probably, the Mater when she does her Angel of Mercy routine again tomorrow. I would have used the laundrette, but the only one in town was closed down last year and the next nearest that I know of is a 25 minute drive away. Totally not doing that with two kids unless I absolutely have to.

So, if you get the chance, send up a prayer to the appliance Gods for us. I have maybe two more days’ grace, then I’m going to have to strap on the rubber gloves and get to handwashing our smalls. Yay.


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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