Summer in the city

Well, not the city exactly. An average sized market town would be more accurate. The weather was very summery – for England. Muggy, humid, overly warm, but gloomy with no sunshine. Not at all what one would desire for a carnival parade into town involving local voluntary groups, businesses, schools and preschools.

The theme was ‘circus’ and The Boy’s preschool had a truly fabulous trailer, towed by a tractor, all decorated up like a Big Top with a canopy, bunting, pompoms, balloons – and even a full sized cuddly panther and unicorn!  The Boy dressed as one of the cutest lions I have ever seen in my life, thanks mostly to his father’s efforts as I have enough on my hands trying to organised things for Modom’s christening tomorrow.

Drummers played a salsa rhythm, the sounds of the circus blasted from more than one set of speakers, children in the parade blew whistles, banged drums, shook maracas and – in The Boy’s case – roared like the animals they had dressed up as.  I felt very dowdy in my workaday ‘mum’ clothes and wished I’d nicked a tutu from the dressing up box so I could have gone as a circus person of some kind. Perhaps I could have pinned a tiny monkey costume to the outside of the sling as The Girl slept…?

The winner as far as I was concerned, though, was the family-friend roped in by the mum who organised the whole preschool shebang – does this costume rock, or what?!



Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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