Time to reconnect – a review of 101 things for kids to do outside

So The Boy has been driving me a little crazy lately.  Maybe it’s the new addition, maybe it’s the reduced attention he’s been getting. Maybe he’s just three, who knows?  His behaviour has been off the charts horrible some days.

101thingsI was hunting around for some ideas and I came across this book I was sent to review a while ago. (For more on why that review was so long coming can I refer you back to a previous post “Through the clouds“) So the book is called 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside. It’s £10.49 and is written by Dawn Isaac, a mum and blogger (virtual fist-bump Dawn) and advisor to CBeebies Mr Bloom’s Nursery – a big claim to fame in this household!

So, as the title would suggest, it’s 101 things for kids to do outdoors.  It’s the kind of book you might buy hopefully then be disappointed by the actual contents which suggest the blindingly obvious but it’s actually pretty inspiring. OK, you might not find every project suitable for your kids, but there’s enough there to suit most inclinations and reading it should certainly give you more energy and ideas for things to do with your small fry.

I’ve earmarked a few of the ideas that will hopefully appeal to my highly energetic three year old. The ‘Bear Hunt’ using teddy bears hidden round the garden or park sounds like a potential win, as does the scavenger hunt and all kinds of ‘tag’ and water balloon games. Some of the more art based stuff may have to wait until he’s a bit older and the build and use your own bird hide may have to wait until he’s a different child – the kind who can sit still! I’m particularly excited about the snow lanterns project, but first we’ll need some snow…

Anyway. I have a few bright ideas to keep the little man occupied and hopefully have some fun with him at the same time.  Thank you Dawn. It’s so tough being an interactive parent (as opposed to one who sits on the sofa in PJs gibbering quietly over a cold cup of tea) so a little inspiration is definitely worth £10.49!

101 Things For Kids To Do Outside can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here or you can patronise your wonderful local independent bookstore.


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