Top ten DVD box sets to watch whilst breastfeeding…or whenever

As a breastfeeding mum I watch a lot of television – probably more than I’m proud of.  I should be reading improving books or something, but honestly, I just haven’t the brain power for it!  It’s also something that The Man and I do for pleasure.  Even before we had children we loved to cuddle up together and watch DVDs together.  So if you like light-hearted, funny, touching and intelligent television – or lovely escapist song-and-dance numbers – then here are a few suggestions that might tickle your fancy!

– Modern Family – an American mockumentary about three generations of a very modern family – with step, half and same-sex relations and all the comic turns that ensue. A sort of twist on the British Outnumbered.

– Gavin & Stacey – the kind of television series the UK does best. Funny and ridiculous, a little bit rude, with touching moments of pathos that only serve as a counterpoint to the comedy. Also the best, most realistic representation of a wedding I’ve seen on TV. We watched this on honeymoon and the theme tune is the song I sing to calm my children – and even to bring one back to life, but that’s a story for a different day

– Gilmore Girls – the fastest paced comedy drama I’ve seen with dialogue so witty and speedy I swear I’m still missing some of it six or seven viewings on! With a lovely take on family, small-town life and growing up this is an eternal feelgood watch. Especially interesting as a mother to see both sides of the mother/daughter relationships.

– Outnumbered – a fab English series about a family of five where the writers set up comic situations then just let the kids ad-lib their own lines which leads to some really authentic family dialogue and unforgettably funny lines.  It’s also a scary insight into what my life is likely to be when The Boy and Girl are older as the Boy’s parallels with ‘Ben’ are already terrifying…

– Coupling – written by Steven Moffat (of Dr Who fame) this comedy series about six thirty-somethings in the ’90s is kind of an English ‘Friends’, only much much funnier.  The Man and I bonded watching this nearly eleven years ago and it hasn’t lost any of its funny in the interim. Many of the jokes have, in fact, passed into family lexicon.

– West Wing – If you haven’t heard of this then I may have to wonder what hole you’ve been hiding in all these years, however if you haven’t watched it then I can understand. An American political drama? I wasn’t terribly interested either, but then I watched one and I was hooked. Yes, it’s gritty and political and a lot of it went over my head, but it’s so clever and witty with moments of pure comedy that you can kind of glide over the bits you don’t understand.  Allison Janney and Martin Sheen are just glorious.

– Glee – An absurd teen highschool drama series, but has fabulous covers of contemporary pop and musical numbers complete with dancing.  If you like musicals and escapism, as I do, then do watch this…at least for the first couple of series.

– Nashville – A more grown-up version of Glee, basically. With country music. Which I love. And some very sexy men. Perfick

– Smash – Another grown-up version of Glee, only with wonderful original musical numbers amongst the contemporary pop covers and the very very sexy Jack Davenport (of Coupling, only now a confident grown-up rather than a blithering manchild) playing the director.

– Call the Midwife – based on the autobiography of a midwife and district nurse working in the East London district of Poplar this is a touching and occasionally funny series with fascinating insights into a life that is within living memory and yet so unlike modern life.  Especially interesting for birth geeks like me


3 thoughts on “Top ten DVD box sets to watch whilst breastfeeding…or whenever

  1. Ray Dawson says:

    My wife and I spend out time together watching tv as well, especially since the kids take up large amounts of time, the short span of an episode fits in nicely. Great list, some new ones for us to check out.


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