Working around your children…literally

Trying to find time to work was hard enough as a stay-at-home mum of one – then he gets his 15 funded hours of preschool time and I produce child number two and now it’s nearly impossible. Even when The Boy is at preschool The Girl can be guaranteed to nap-refuse just as I most need time to get stuff done, or will wait until I finish the housework and then wake up, leaving me with no time to do any work work.

I have found some kind of solution, such as it is. I’m writing to you from the lovely Treehouse, our local softplay that I reviewed here.  It has a small cafe and free WiFi and keeps The Boy (mostly) entertained. Plus, because I’m out of the house there’s no chance I’ll get any housework done, however much  I may need to (and I do, it looks like a laundry bomb went off in there and targeted a few toy boxes on the way).


Working around Baby

My cunning plan would have worked slightly better if The Girl was the kind of baby who slept in her buggy (when I occasionally use it), but she’s really more of a home comforts kind of gal and if she can’t have her own downy couch then only mummy’s well-padded bosom will do as a substitute, so I’m doing exactly what I would at home – writing around a wriggly baby, but at least The Boy is entertained and not by being plonked in front of the telly – and I’m writing on a not-school day! Now, if only I could stop him nagging for cakes…


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