It’s never too late

How many times can you microwave a cup of tea before you should just give up and bin the whole idea of a hot drink altogether?  I’m currently on my third go round and, undoubtedly, something will happen to stop me drinking it this time, too. The way my day’s shaping up I suspect this post will be written in small chunks!  Life as a mum is fairly relentless, but at the end of the day, you look around and you realise – you may as well have just sat on your arse all day for all the noticeable difference you made.

Seriously. I was talking to a chum yesterday about how I should pin that internet meme ‘what did you do all day today?‘ on the front door, because I swear The Man doesn’t quite realise how much running it takes just to stand still when you have a three year old in the house!

I think the main problem right now, though, is that I’ve finished the large project I was working on whenever I got a few moments to myself (usually engineered with the help of CBeebies during The Girl’s nap) and now I feel all ho-hum glum because I haven’t got it to work with. I mean, I still have UFOs, naturally. Goes without saying. But that’s the one I was really into.  On the plus side – it was the painting for my blog header and, now it’s all done, the shiny new look for my blog is on its way. Just need to scan in the image and completely rehaul the whole blog, you know, nothing much!

Now, instead of doing the washing up, I think I’m going to write a treatise on how one should do the washing up, if one is to do it correctly. (Hrm, this is what happens when you save drafts for later publication – I’ve already done the one on washing up!)

It’s never too late to procrastinate!

Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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