What’s in the news – Friday round up

newsroundupweek1There’s a common belief that when you fall pregnant and become a mother you lose the use of your mental faculties. It even has a name – Baby Brain.  I would like to strongly refute this myth. I would like to, but I can’t. Unfortunately I have discovered that it is all too true.  I blame it on a mix of hormones, exhaustion and suddenly having to keep track of 100 things more than you ever used to – I may even have to do a spinoff post on this topic it’s so prevalent.  One thing I am guilty of  is not paying as much attention to the wider world as I used to so I’ve decided to try and tune in a bit more and maybe even do a news round up for the brain dead and sleep deprived.

Well. What a week I chose to start this…

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is accused of being fellated by a dead pig.

I’m not sure anything I can say on this will even begin to be as entertaining or thought provoking as some of the material already out there, so here are three of my favourites:
Getting Piggy with it by Cassette Boy

A compilation of top tweets and headlines
And why the nation has united to laugh at David Cameron – more of a thought piece, definitely worth a read

11 Edinburgh schools in pilot scheme to close down surrounding roads at drop off and pick up time

Now this isn’t something that really affects us. We live in a smallish village with its own school and from what I’ve seen about 80% of the children walk, scoot or cycle to school, including us, but it’s on a narrow road, people live there and it must be a massive inconvenience to them and to kids who are in any way physically impaired – temporarily or permanently – if the road is blocked by cars.  If closing the surrounding roads helps reduce this issue then that’s a good thing, especially if it also encourages children and families to walk some or all of the way.  

We’ve only experienced preschool, but I’ve found that walking there in the morning allows a good chat about expectations for the day and on the way home is ideal for a debrief, plus we can stop off at the playground to run off any extra steam. It might, however, make things more complicated for working parents, particularly those with more than one drop off to do. Would this affect you if they decided to bring it in nationwide?

Dementia Crisis
1 in 3 babies born this year will develop dementia in their lifetime? I’m not sure how scared to be by this. Yes, this refers to my daughter and her peers, but their lifetime could be as much as 100 years+. It’s no wonder incidences of dementia will rise when everyone lives longer, but I have to point out that that’s 100 years away and who knows what research will have achieved by then. Perhaps stem cell treatment will cure debilitating brain issues. Perhaps we’ll have introduced a kindly euthanasia policy.

Basically – I think there’s more critical things to worry about first.

So there you go. My utterly uneducated brain farts on this week’s top (according to me) news topics.  Anything that’s caught your eye you’d like me to comment on?


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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