Visiting a new mum – come bearing gifts

visiting a new mumSo, in a fine display of blog wankery I turned up at my friend’s house to visit her and her lovely new wee baby but before I did anything else had to take a photograph of all the stuff I brought over for her so I could put it on this blog. My initial plan for this post was to prove that I practice what I preach and, when going to visit a new mum, took over the recommended present for baby, present for older sibling, a meal and cake for the family. However, I was rendered so horrified by my display of blog-mindedness that I had to share how much it’s taken over my thoughts!

feetsI also had to share this photo of his little tiny feet – aren’t they lush?

Anyway – chickpea and lentil curry, cumin seed pan bread, chocolate crispie cakes, a handmade crocheted ripple blanket for the wee man and a set of dolly baby clothes for the new big sister. My job here is done.


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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