How to set your AEG Competence oven to come on automatically

So occasionally, when out and about, I like to pretend that I’m more organised than I really am, or even that I’m in two places at the same time (hey, every mum has a superwoman complex really). At times like these it’s handy to be able to set the delayed start function on my oven (an AEG Competence) so that my food can be cooking whilst I’m away from the house and ready when we get back. Despite consulting the manual it still wasn’t clear and easy to figure out the settings, so I created a little video in case anybody else needed to do this.

In short, though, set the length of cooking time using the duration setting, then work out when you want your meal to finish cooking. Hey presto, no need for the apparently missing start function!

Was this helpful? Hope so!


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