5 fab gift ideas for subsequent children

5 fab gift ideas for subsequent children

5 fab gift ideas for subsequent childrenYou may have seen my posts on gender neutral gifts to buy a three year old (and more gender neutral gifts to buy a three year old).  I had a lot of positive feedback on those, but one comment asked me to please please write a list of gifts to buy subsequent children and I’ve been mulling the topic over since. What do you get for a younger sibling when their brother or sister has already been given the standard ‘new baby’ gifts?

It’s a tricky issue because once you have one child you have pretty much everything you need for the following children.  You might get a few easy gifts if the child is a different sex to its predecessor, but even then the majority of items required will already be taking up space in the house.  So I put together a few ideas but, as my friends continue to procreate, I would appreciate any suggestions of things I haven’t thought of, so do add comments! Luckily, as the kids get older they will hopefully develop individual interests and hobbies you can cater to, but for the early stages here are some ideas…

1 – Dribble bibs/bandanas – yes, they may (probably do) have some of these already, but it’s one of those items where you can never have too many. Plus it’s nice to have different colours to match to different outfits. The Girl can saturate as many as four or five in a day (eww). Especially useful to have new ones as, once smalls start to wean, they will inevitably get unpleasant food stains on them. I really love the ones I have from Tu at Sainsburys, especially for the price, but the design of the ones from Dribble Ons are the absolute best for getting right under their chin and catching the drool. There is a great choice of colours etc too.  ‘Normal’ bibs are good too – some shops sell them with sleeves which are fabulous!

2 – Books – you can never have too many books in a house and they handily take up very little storage space.  Choose a book you enjoy or, for that personal touch, one you used to enjoy when you were a child. If the mother is anything like me she will ‘encourage’ (ie – insist) that you read the book to the little recipient of the gift so make sure it’s something you can manage (we recently got give one about a ‘Dinosaurarumpus‘ which is great fun to read except for the very long and complex dinosaur names which are impossible for me to pronounce).

3 – Personalised items – no matter how huge the collection of things child no.1 possesses there is one thing you can guarantee they won’t have: anything with Child no.2’s name on! So here is a list of things you can get personalised and a couple of suggestions of places to do it. If cost is an issue and the child has a long, complicated name, then initials can work too in most cases!
– A doorplate or letters for their bedroom door
– A personalised book where your child becomes the character. I haven’t ordered one of these so have no recommendation to make, just Google for it.
– A framed print of their initial. Lots of local artists will do this to order so have a look in your area.
– A travel bag for their things with their initials embroidered on
– Hairbrush
– Ex Libris bookplates “This book belongs to….”
– Crockery or a cup
– Placemat
– Pendant/cufflinks (yes this is thinking a little far in advance, but it’s less likely they’ll already have one…)
– Egg cup

4 – Vouchers. As mums we rarely get a chance to buy new things for our little ones, especially subsequent babies – they just get hand-me-downs. A voucher for Next, H&M, Jojo Maman et Bebe, John Lewis or Mothercare (other shops also available) will make a lovely present for mum and baby alike as they get to have fun shopping and buy something the baby really needs or will wear a lot.

5 – A set of crockery and/or cutlery is a perfect gift, even un-personalised.  With an additional person to feed comes the need for additional child-proof tableware, especially as the little buggers bring friends round, too! I like melamine sets like this lovely 7-piece dinosaur one.

So there you go – a few suggestions that might help you buy something that won’t end up being re-gifted three weeks later!

Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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