Winter is here – fab fairisle photoshoot

I don’t think I’m alone in frequently dressing myself and my children in matchy matchy clothes. One hardly ever means to, unless you’re slightly freakish, but you just wake up in the mood for turquoise, or navy blue and white stripes with red, or jeans and a white Tee. If you’re choosing everyone’s clothes it’s no wonder you all co-ordinate. Well The Boy was recently bought a new jumper from Sainsburys which he insisted on wearing today and it was only after he came downstairs that I realised both he and The Girl were in Fairisle and looked like they’d stepped out of a knitwear catalogue.

They looked so damn cute I had to take some photos – well please remind me next time that no matter how stressful it is to try and get a decent photo of one small child, trying to get two of them to co-operate is one of the most stressful undertakings you can volunteer yourself for – kudos to professional photographers! We had blurring, funny faces, crying, disappearing children, half-in-half-out of frame and multiple photobombings of each other’s photos, but I got a few real corkers and I thought you might like seeing them. Please excuse the watermarking – I don’t want them being used without my permission.fairisleshoot1




Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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