Make your own cheapie fleece liners for reusable cloth nappies

I have made a massive, bargainous, money-saving, effort saving attempt this week. I have made my own fleece nappy liners and it has cost me less than £2 for 12 – it’s £7.50 for 10 if you buy them ready made – and they’re so bloody simple and easy that I am making the effort to do a blog tutorial so others can benefit, even though it makes me seem like a total hippy saddo.

Whilst The Girl has been joining us for meals for a few months now, it’s only been recently that she’s actually started eating any substantial amount of solids and – please excuse the tmi – she’s now doing substantial poos to match. Cloth nappies have many benefits, but scraping actual grown-up-person shit off before they can go in the machine is seriously not one of them. I used the disposable paper liners with The Boy, but they were notoriously rubbish: crinkling up into his butt crack and utterly failing at their designed purpose. On a girl this is exacerbated even further by the extra creases it can work its way into.

Liners are useful for a number of reasons and whilst the biggest reason – clean up after a poo-nami – may seem to make a ‘chuck it down the loo’ dispoable the obvious choice, fleece liners may have the edge in other ways: more likely to stay in place, thus catching the poo. You can then just rinse it in the loo; protecting expensive natural-fibre nappies from bottom creams, thus maintaining their absorbency and protecting delicate derrières from wash-roughened sodden cotton inserts.

I was in a well known low-cost supermarket branch two days ago (starts with an ‘A’ ) and, I dunno, think they might have been running a baby event or something, but they were flogging a fleece blanket for £1.75 (marked down from a pricey £2.something) and on the spur of the moment decided to grab one to make fleece liners.

By God it was complicated. I had to trim off the hemming (why do they hem fleece blankets? It’s not like they fray or roll), then use an insert as a template and cut it up into pieces. Done. Bish bash bosh. I may have been lying about the complexity level. No sewing, no fancy stuff, no messing. 12 inserts for £1.75. That’s roughly 15p per liner. Bargain!

If it’s not too inestimably dull I’ll let you know how they work out.


Please let me know what you think about this :-)

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