This is a blog about family life in the heartland of middle class home counties England written by a thirty-something mother with hippyish tendencies and too many hobbies to do any of them well.

Live oxfordshire - About

The Cast

Me – frazzled, self-employed mum of two
The Boy – three year old agent of chaos
The Girl – newborn poppet, smiley as hell but with no clearly discernible personality traits as yet
The Man – old enough to know better smart arse with a heart of gold and a dodgy sense of humour.
The Mater – an angel sent from heaven who flies in with homecooked meals, does more babysitting than is good for her and is just generally a godsend whose name is blessed throughout the family.
Needy Cat – Does what it says on the tin – like a living teddy bear really. Lets The Boy ride him like a pony…
Proper Cat – Acts like a proper cat. Suitably nervous of The Boy and his chums etc

Some of my top posts have been:
5 stupid questions to ask a Babywearer
Another Day For Me
The Tiger who came to tea – a modern metaphor
Extended breastfeeding – or just breastfeeding
10 really excellent gifts to buy a new mum

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. RF says:

    You’re right, definitely can be friends! I have hobbies lined up for someday when I can learn how to do them! I really hope I don’t get hit by a car or something before I get to them! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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